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What is Lowat?

Lowat is a dietary ingredient that gets its properties from two different extracts. The first of these is piper betle which is a leaf that comes from a vine found in South East Asia. The second extract Dolichos Biflorus is a flower also found in Asia. In Nepal the Dolichos Biflorus seed is cultivated and added to foods.

Lowat was created by InterHealth back in 2010. A few clinical studies have been done on Lowat to determine its benefits on the human body. In one study subjects taking Lowat lost 9 lbs and had a significant drop in BMI while the control group only lost 3 lbs of weight.

How does Lowat help reduce fat? Lowat is said to target your body fat, by fighting its formation, and accumulation. Lowat is also said to be able to help increase the breakdown of fat in your body. Clinical research claims that Lowat increases the fat burning hormone Adiponectin which helps increase fat breakdown.

There have also been several studies done on the extracts of each ingredient. Piper Betle was found to have a significant stimulatory influence on pancreatic lipase activity. While Dolichos Biflorus was found to help reduce blood sugar levels and total cholesterol lowering effects in rats.

Side Effects of Lowat

No side effects were reported in the studies of Lowat, but with that being said you can’t assure that nobody will have any side effects from this supplement. There is always the risk of having a reaction with one of the ingredients in Lowat. To check for this a person may want to take a small dose to see how there body reacts. Common side effects for any supplement is an upset stomach. To reduce this take the supplement with a glass of milk or with some water and a little bread. This will help reduce that chance of an upset stomach.

Quick Glance at the Benefits of Lowat

Targets Fat Formation Reduces Fat Accumulation Increases Fat Breakdown
Regulates Glucose Regulates Cholesterol Increases Adiponectin

Is Lowat Safe

Currently there have been few reports of any adverse reactions to Lowat. The two ingredients found in Lowat have been used for centuries to help with ailments and to benefit over all health. So if there were any real dangers with these ingredients then they would have already been reported. From looking at the clinical data it looks like Lowat mostly just provides positive benefits for the body. As always you should never take more than what the directions for Lowat state. As mentioned earlier you may want to start at a low dose before taking the full amount.

Where to Buy Lowat

Lowat can be found in a number of places and in a number of products. Lowat can be bought at several natural food stores and can be found online. A number of dietary supplements carry Lowat in their formula. If you are looking for a Lowat only supplement Swanson offers bottles for around $15.00.

Recommended Daily Allowance

There is no daily allowance for Lowat, but you should always stray on the safe side of things and stick to what is suggested on the bottle.

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